How it all started

IPerity arose from a collaboration between two other companies – TalkTo and Speakup. TalkTo is a company specialised in online contact centres for customer support and Speakup is a provider of connectivity, minutes and connections. We combined the knowledge acquired within those two companies and created a brand new company that delivers a hosted solution to both of the above-mentioned companies, our Compass platform. This way, IPerity was able to focus only on one thing; building great software.

Up until recently, we depended on Speakup to provide hosting for Compass. While they were doing that with a lot of knowledge and expertise, providing hosting was not their actual job. Therefore, we were working hard in order to separate ourselves from them and to establish IPerity as an independent company and to find a hosting provider whose main focus is only that – providing hosting for our solutions.

The migration

Finally, in 2016 we decided to take this big leap and find an independent hosting provider for Compass. The very first step was to appoint a person responsible for such a big project. Although we are all a team and we tend to work like that, it had to be clear who had the last word for decisions we were about to face. The second step was to define some factors that were crucial in choosing the provider. The must-haves and the nice-to-haves. After an extensive research and making sure that none of the must-haves got left out, we opted for True.

Phone calling at True

At the end of 2016, we already started making arrangements with True because we wanted to handle the migration as mindfully as possible, without any interruptions and that was a tough thing to do. Luckily for us, the people at True were very responsive to our questions and requirements so it was a quite pleasant experience. In order to do the migration all at once – and that was a must because we didn’t want to cause interruptions – it had to be prepared very well. It took approximately 6 months of our time and effort to hand over everything to True and to adapt our applications for their servers.

The migration was successful and we are now ready for the future. What this means is that our platform is now up to date and has no legacy software left over. In 2018 we are ready to add a lot of new functionalities to Compass that our Partners have been waiting for.

Our experience with True

What we highly appreciate in our communication with True is that they work along processes allowing them to have only a couple of people that are responsible for us. That means that we always keep in touch only with them. They know us well, we know them and they are familiar with our situation. This was helpful many times as it optimises the time spent on solving problems since we don’t have to go over our history each time again. They already know everything. Also, they help us think further and how to improve our service, never accepting the status quo and never standing still.

“The business of IPerity is very demanding. Hosting VoIP solutions is extremely sensitive. The connection can just fail or the sound quality can drop. Working together, we make sure we stay on top of every problem, and we accept nothing short of the best possible performance.”

— Daniël de Groot, Account Manager at True

A few months in, we are very happy with the decisions we made and the steps we took in order to make the migration successful. True is definitely a good choice as they take our worries away so that we can focus on building software.