Compass Ahoy

Worried about where your messages go, and who reads them?

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Ahoy is a secure, platform-independent chat application that offers rich and user-friendly features.

What makes Ahoy different? You remain in control.

Existing chat apps send and store your messages on an unknown platform. Moreover, these apps read your address book, and this data is stored on an unknown platform as well.

When you use Ahoy, your messages remain in your own (secure) IT environment, where no unwanted eavesdroppers can access them. You remain in control of all messages and files that your employees have exchanged. Moreover, Ahoy is connected to your corporate directory in a proven secure manner. No (private) contacts lists or address books are copied to unknown environments. Yet, your employees still have access to the efficient communication tools that the app offers, while business-sector specific functionality and integration with third-party applications, adds value to your organisation.

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