Privacy and accessibility

At IPerity we differentiate between the data that we process within our cloud telephony platform Compass, data used on this website and data that we use in our relationship management package (CRM).

Privacy and cookies on

Privacy is our high priority and we are a commercial company and the two are often in conflict. On this page, we are clear and honest about the information we receive and use and the tools we use. You can prevent these tools from placing cookies by using browser plugins like uBlock and Privacy Badger. uses https so that information entered on the site is not transparent to third parties. Furthermore, we use the most privacy-friendly settings of external tools as much as possible and we deploy tools when they are not necessary. We use these external applications to make our site better and more user-friendly and to support our marketing activities.

Below you will find an overview of the services we use.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to analyze the traffic that processes. This way we can see where visitors come from, how the visitor ended up at and also things like the screen resolution can be traced. It is a very nice tool to keep your website fit for all your visitors and to continuously implement improvements to your website. Moreover, Google Analytics does not store your IP address.

G Suite/Google Apps

We use G Suite/Google Apps for the basic services they offer, such as email and calendar. The data that is going through their system and/or ist stored there, Google does not sell to third parties and does not use for advertising.

Data processing and CRM

The information you enter on the website will be passed on to our relationship management package and stored in the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress with which has been developed. We use Hubspot as a CRM. In Hubspot, we record the interactions we have with customers, prospects and other relationships. E-mails, conversation reports, cases and deals are clear to all colleagues working at IPerity. Hubspot gives us insight into the customer relationship and ensures that we can help customers more personally, better and faster. We use e-mail addresses and domains from companies in Hubspot to find similar businesses for marketing campaigns. Furthermore, we use the e-mail addresses from Hubspot to send relevant e-mails for the relation, for which you can unsubscribe.

Data in Compass and the IPerity apps

Data from Compass, the telephony platform, is not used for marketing purposes. We use the e-mail addresses of the user accounts within Compass to send relevant e-mails to the users for which they can unsubscribe. In the future, we will further personalize these e-mail messages based on application usage.

Within Compass and our apps, we use Google Analytics to improve the product. We also measure the quality of conversations in order to monitor the quality of the service. Compass and the IPerity APPs use LogEntries to find out why they occur in bugs and crashes. No user data is collected with these logs unless the user has this enabled in the App. This is a setting that the user can manage himself and is off by default.

Your personal information such as account details and invoice details can be changed in Compass yourself. Call data is insightful for every IPerity employee just like every IPerity employee – just like you – can make changes to the Compass environment. You decide for yourself how long call information is saved.

Content management and user-friendliness

This website uses the open source Content Management System (CMS) WordPress and is designed to ensure accessibility and user-friendly. The website complies with the guidelines of the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG 2.0). If you believe that this website does not comply with these guidelines at any point, please contact us at


When designing the website, we have taken into account the different ways people interact with the internet, so that using this website is clear and easy for everyone. For example, the design of the website is responsive, the site is written in HTML5 and there are RSS feeds available.

We use HTML5 and CSS, techniques that comply with the guidelines given by W3C because we are convinced that the user-friendliness and accessibility of are essential. If you believe that this website is not working correctly in this area, please contact us at