Do we have to pay roaming costs when we travel to the UK, like we used to a few years back?

What will be the impact of Brexit on the EU Roaming pricing? EU Roaming pricing has just been implemented by the EU operators halfway this year. This meant that additional roaming charges to consumers for using mobile services inside the EU will be abolished. But the EU roaming regulation is not implemented in British law so that leaves the question: how will the UK based mobile operators be regulated and will EU mobile operators start implementing inter-carrier surcharges to British mobile operators, when consumers of British operators roam on their networks.

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What will happen after Brexit, no one knows for sure. ABTA, the British travel association, has demanded they should “retain this highly valuable and pragmatic EU-level agreement once [they] leave the EU”. In 2016 over 2 million travellers come to The Netherlands every year and about half of this number of Dutch citizens travel to the UK. So, the impact could be substantial.

For travellers to the UK and British travelers going to the EU, Brexit uncertainty may dampen any triumph over the agreement. Worrying stories spread, warning networks in Europe may not have to honour any cost caps for U.K. visitors following Brexit, if a favourable trade deal isn’t reached.

Worst case scenario is the return of massive phone bills for careless travellers, with a megabyte of data potentially costing up to 10 euros.

The referendum where UK voters chose to exit the European Union has many unanticipated consequences. One that is gaining more and more attention now in the UK, is the impact of Brexit on mobile roaming arrangements. How can the UK maintain roaming arrangements with the EU in the event of a hard Brexit? I think a lot of British voters didn’t anticipate these extra costs when voting in favour of Brexit in the referendum on 23rd June of 2016.

Only the future will tell us…

What do you think about the future of roaming charges?

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