Like we have explained earlier, we are big fans of hockey. To support our favourite team, Cartouche, and to show we follow them in their successes, we decided to write a short overview of their latest game.

What a start!

The first match after the winter season was the return against the number 1 of the competition Qui Vive from Uithoorn. In the first match against Qui Vive in August, Qui Vive was beaten 3-5 on their own grounds. Our team seemed very eager to start fresh with a win!

First half

In the first five minutes Cartouche really went for it and had three tremendous chances, and could have taken the lead right from the start. However, after the first 20 minutes, Timo Goor finally found the goal of Qui Vive and Cartouche took the lead. Now it was time to push further and look for the second and third goal. And although Cartouche had most of the chances Qui Vive passed keeper Thom Veldhuis in a penalty corner in the minute 22. At halftime, the score was still 1-1.

Hockey team in Spain
As an ultimate preparation during the winter break, the team trained in Barcelona to make sure no injuries would occur due to the cold weather

Second half

In the second half, Cartouche kept their dominance and played very well, high tempo of the ball and every player fought for the team.

In the 40th minute young gun Martijn van Oort scored a well-deserved goal and lead the salvo that followed. Five minutes later captain and penalty corner specialist Steven Doorman found the net and scored 3-1. And shortly after he did the same thing and scored 4-1. It was clear that Qui Vive was not able to answer this. Keeper Tom kept had a wonderful match and had really excellent saves that prevented Qui Vive to keep up. In the 63rd minute giant, Vic Van den Bree really tennised the ball into the net after running himself free before the keeper of Qui Vive and scored 5-1.

The accident and the final moments

Five minutes before the end of the game Qui Vive had a free hit. One of their players accidentally hit Bas Oostendorp, just at the back end of his jaw. Bas had to leave the field.

Although Bas could not play anymore, the team was eager and on fire, and 2 minutes before the end of the match Timo Goor scored his second brilliant goal of this match with a backhand stroke in the far corner of the goal!

Cartouche wins 6-1 over leader Qui Vive to start the second half of the season. What a start!

The aftermath

Bas Oostendorp was operated last Tuesday on this jaw, it doesn’t look as if he will play the coming weeks, at least he has to feed on liquids for the weeks to come. We wish him all the best!

Because of the scores of the other teams, Cartouche H1 is now runner-up in the ranking. Next week the team is playing away against Union in Nijmegen. On March 18 Cartouche plays the new number 1 Push at the home grounds of Cartouche in Voorburg. Of course, you are invited to come and watch the team and the game! If you do so please let us know so we can meet up and enjoy the game together and have a drink afterwards!