Just starting out developing for the Compass platform? It might not be that easy to understand the underlying principles, and what might be the best way to approach your particular problem. In this training program, the developer will be made familiar with the Compass platform, the APIs, and the possibilities that they offer in isolation and combined. We will get hands on by writing some simple applications, and there will be plenty of room to think about and design for the specific solutions that individual developers might need. We will work together to solve your problem!

One of the advantages of the Compass platform is the availability of a number of APIs that allow all sorts of external applications to interact with the Compass platform.

All teachers are software developers for the Compass Platform themselves and are very familiar with the exact opportunities and limitations of the platform.

*Big groups in consultation

Agenda of Developers training

  • Introduction: How does the platform work? What APIs are available? What's the philosophy behind these APIs?
  • Real-time XMPP and REST in-depth: We will look at the two most prominent APIs in the platform.
  • Reacting to events in real-time (workshop): Time to get our hands dirty, and apply our new knowledge to build something.
  • Reporting & Analysis: How can I analyse how my customers use the platform?
  • What problem are you trying to solve: What solution are you trying to build? Let us think together about the best way to solve your particular use-case.