Changelog Bridge

Version 1.1

Release date: 14 September 2020


  • Phone switching functionality.
  • Manage queue agents feature.
  • Added dtmf functionality.
  • Guest onboarding on the sign in page.
  • Queue details shows agents that are in the queue but logged out of their phones.
  • Added user manual link to navbar.
  • Added error description when inputing invalid credentials.
  • Esc button now closed opened modals.
  • Show recent phones on top when logging into phones.
  • Pressing arrow keys in contact list switches between contacts.
  • Installing the app asks for contact permissions.


  • UI text changes to increase accessibility.
  • Shows caret when dial pad is in focus.
  • Fixed contacts overview scroll when there is too much space on the right.
  • Fixed the bug where some external contact numbers aren’t matched with names in the application.
  • Fixed the bug where dial pad cursor was jumping to the end.
  • Fixed transfer modal scroll bar problem.
  • Fixed the bug where some notifications were hidden behind an opened modal.
  • All modal backgrounds have been changed to dark color.
  • Fixed login error handling.
  • Fixed issue with showing multiple cards for outgoing queue calls.
  • Fixed problems with matching numbers from user’s address book.


  • Removed the option to send anonymous feedback.