The Perils of Participation: how we pay for online existence with our privacy

The fruits of our participation don’t really benefit us directly (unless you are really into targeted advertising) and are shared widely, usually…

Emoji: communication with a smile :-)

In the last decades, we’ve iterated through several ways to optimize communicating our emotions. What steps did we go through?

Data of the Dead: What Happens to Our Data After We Die?

What happens to the data you leave behind? And who are the gatekeepers to your internet afterlife?

How to use technology to your advantage this holiday season

FrontMania is a conference in Utrecht that aims to connect, educate and share passion and enthusiasm for the front-end development.

Lee Boonstra, Google developer, giving a talk about Machine Learning for developers

We attended FrontMania conference in Utrecht 2018

FrontMania is a conference in Utrecht that aims to connect, educate and share passion and enthusiasm for the front-end development.

Replacing older series of Snom phones for Compass

In August, we announced that support for some of our long-time certified desk phones will end with the release of Compass 2019a.

Part 2: (Bot)ched Communication- What Do We Want From Bots?

The AI has been endowed with an offline consciousness to prevent outside influence, but displays a yearning to be a “person”. This violates the AI’s…

Innovation is just a plane ride away – and we went to Croatia to find it!

Last week we traded our office in The Hague for a beautiful vineyard in the east of Croatia. Why, you ask? “Why not?” is my answer. Because of the…

Part 1: (Bot)ched communication- Why aren’t bots taking over the internet?

Even with the many possible uses and grandiose ideas for bots, people don’t seem to be all that into using them yet. Why is this?

The shared history of hacking and telephony

Did you know that hacking and telephony share a fascinating piece of history? The connection between the two became very strong when telephony got…

Why we hired an artist as a blog writer: interview with Cybil

With the article "Technological Predictions of the Future-Past", we have started with a new kind of blog articles where we try to look from a…

The SciFi of Now and What It Reveals About Us

The genre of sci-fi has a special way of being able to mirror our current anxieties back at us through the filter of entertainment, and unlike some…

Compass Navigator app

Fresh and exciting: All-new Compass Navigator app for mobile phones

"This app fits right into the new concept of our Compass environment and we believe we can show more products like this in the coming years.”

Effectiveness and efficiency in sales

Effectiveness and efficiency in selling apps

Should you focus on effectiveness or efficiency in a business? Let's start by clarifying the difference between two terms that are often used…

Welcome sign

Everyone, meet the newest addition to our team!

We are excited to welcome the newest addition to our team. Meet Daphne Wolf, our new General Manager at IPerity. We asked her to introduce herself in…

Technological Predictions of the Future-Past

The need to see each other in real-time while communicating over great stretches of physical distance has always been in our collective desire.…

Amsterdam canals

We attended OpenSIPS Summit 2018 and here are our thoughts

The first takeaway is that in open source VoIP, projects like OpenSIPS are treated as a sort of Lego blocks: everybody picks some sort of the…

Chain and lock

How to safely and securely store (all) your files online

How do you take complete control over who has access to your data, while maintaining the advantages of storing everything online?

Choosing strategy

Practical advice on how to select the right VoIP platform

Whether you like it or not, office landlines are a thing of past. Our private communication has almost completely gone digital and business…

The lie of a paperless office: Give me my paper!

The moment I heard someone was writing a blog article about going paperless, I immediately suggested writing a counter-article about it and defend…

Why going paperless is more efficient and secure for your business

Companies today still struggle with taking (as much as possible) advantage of what modern world has to offer. One of those advantages being the…

Framed compliment

The magical feeling of being appreciated

There is something magical that happens when you receive an honest and meaningful ‘thank you’ from somebody. Not only is it energising and motivation…

A pile of colourful business cards

How the death of business cards broke my heart

Recently, it has come to my attention that one of my colleague’s business cards were running low on stock. Taking a quick look at them made me…

Hockey team in Spain

How our favourite hockey team Cartouche is doing after the winter

We are big fans of hockey. To support our favourite team, Cartouche, and to show we follow them in their successes, we decided to write a short…

Artist with brushes

How to design an app: Creative process, tools and tips for better UX

When starting a new design process, it is often useful to familiarize yourself with other people's workflow. It is, of course, true that creative…

Cartouche hockey team

What Do an IT Company and Hockey Team Have in Common?

At a first glance, hockey and IT have almost nothing in common. But, if you look closely enough, you will be able to see that they don't have to be…

How to Organize a Successful Hackathon Without Losing Your Mind

If you are doing something, you make mistakes. This is a necessary evil in order to grow, both personally and as a company. Resistance is there for…