144 years since the telephone was invented… by whom?

Today, almost 150 years ago, the very first telephone call ever was made by Alexander Graham Bell. He was also granted the patent for the…

We are stuck in the past: Why we still use ancient technology for typing text

The use of a keyboard restricts us. It limits the efficiency and the speed with which we can enter information. And that’s not the end of…

Quickly building an interactive pitch for the Fast Forward Challenge

We were about to leave for our annual work trip when we heard we were selected to pitch for the Fast Forward Challenge in The Hague... But…

Communication so easy you don’t need to think about it: let’s automate Compass with Zapier!

Today, we’re launching a new product that helps you do *exactly* that, and a lot more! It’s super easy and it opens up a ton of…

Emoji: communication with a smile :-)

In the last decades, we’ve iterated through several ways to optimize communicating our emotions. What steps did we go through?

How to use technology to your advantage this holiday season

FrontMania is a conference in Utrecht that aims to connect, educate and share passion and enthusiasm for the front-end development.

Replacing older series of Snom phones for Compass

In August, we announced that support for some of our long-time certified desk phones will end with the release of Compass 2019a.

The shared history of hacking and telephony

Did you know that hacking and telephony share a fascinating piece of history? The connection between the two became very strong when…

Chain and lock

How to safely and securely store (all) your files online

How do you take complete control over who has access to your data, while maintaining the advantages of storing everything online?