Part 2: (Bot)ched Communication- What Do We Want From Bots?

The AI has been endowed with an offline consciousness to prevent outside influence, but displays a yearning to be a “person”. This violates…

Part 1: (Bot)ched communication- Why aren’t bots taking over the internet?

Even with the many possible uses and grandiose ideas for bots, people don’t seem to be all that into using them yet. Why is this?

Altered Carbon

The SciFi of Now and What It Reveals About Us

The genre of sci-fi has a special way of being able to mirror our current anxieties back at us through the filter of entertainment, and…

A 30-year History of the Future

Technological Predictions of the Future-Past

The need to see each other in real-time while communicating over great stretches of physical distance has always been in our collective…