Secure and reliable

Compass is a Cloud PBX-UC designed on the pillars of security en reliability. It has all the key features of a PBX-UC and in the last six months Compass has had 99,995% availability!


Compass comes with standard functionality for all users. This means that after announced releases Compass could be enriched with more standard functionalities.

Open architecture

Compass is designed and built on open architecture principles and provides integration with all modern web services.

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Compass is designed as a secure and robust PBX-UC platform with all the key features.

Compass is a Cloud PBX designed with security and reliability as key pillars. It has all the key features of a PBX-UC and has a key base of users the most demanding markets. It is out-of-the-box easy to integrate with all the modern web services.

Contact centre
Drag and Drop interface
Wall board
UC (private) chat
WebRTC ready
White label branding
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Do you want to add an extra revenue stream to your business?

IPerity provides a telco out of the box in an easy way, based on Compass, with your branding on your own website while still maintaining flexibility in choosing your own supplier (such as trunks, rating and billing). All based on customer self service means you can spend your time building the next big thing.

Your website
Your branding
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Do you want to manage your calls any time at any place?

With the Compass mobile management app Navigator, you can manage your call routing schemes from your own mobile phone (iOS and Android). Easily combine your “fixed” business environment with your mobile environment so your business is “open” at all desired times. You can also manage your outgoing calls as calls made from your business number, or reroute calls with the switch of a button.

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Are you a frequent user of WhatsApp, but you are worried about where your messages go, and who reads them?

Coming soon.

Ahoy offers a secure, platform-independent chat application. It doesn’t matter whether you are using iPhone or Android handsets, or a mix. Ahoy has been designed with the business-user in mind but offers the rich and user-friendly features that you’ve come to expect as well.

Group chat
Online/offline presence
Sharing images, audio and video files
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Setting the new standard in PBX-UC functionality and certifying for new functionality?

How does that work?

Compass is designed as a Cloud PBX-UC with all key functionalities and can easily be integrated or added to other functionality provided by other software developers. For example: if you or your customers have a requirement for PBX-UC functionality (for instance chat or click to dial) in their current CRM solution IPerity takes care of certifying the Compass platform for that specific CRM solution.Another example: If you want to process the data that is generated by the platform IPerity certifies the processing application so the solution will work and the information needed is provided.

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