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All-new, freshly redesigned contact centre solution Bridge.

With its all-new design, Bridge gives you a quick overview of your calls, contacts and activities. Each call is presented as a calling card that contains all the crucial information and indicates status with a background colour.

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PBX foundation with its accompanying building blocks.

Compass is a Cloud PBX designed with security and reliability as key pillars. It has all the key features of a PBX-UC and has a key base of users the most demanding markets. It is out-of-the-box easy to integrate with all the modern web services.

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Secure and reliable

Compass is a Cloud PBX-UC designed on the pillars of security en reliability. It has all the key features of a PBX-UC and in the last six months Compass has had 99,995% availability!


Compass comes with standard functionality for all users. This means that after announced releases Compass could be enriched with more standard functionalities.

Open architecture

Compass is designed and built on open architecture principles and provides integration with all modern web services.

mobile app

Have complete control of your calls anywhere, at any time.

Compass Navigator is a handy mobile application that brings you complete control over the most important Compass settings. No need to access the web interface on computers to make small adjustments to your calls.

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