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What (office) apps do we use and why?

What (office) apps do we use and why?

We are real cloud enthusiast and as we also have a passion for efficiency and optimisation we tend to test a lot of new cloud apps.

File sharing & Document collaboration

What: Dropbox + Microsoft Office
Why: Not everyone was statisfied with google drive, the sharing capabilities, login behaviour and the Spreadsheet software. Therefore we switched to personal dropboxes, where everyone has their own subscription (no business account) and the use of Microsofts software suite. This has it’s limitations in sharing and collaboration.


What: Google Apps, with mail clients and the use of the webinterface
Why: Google has the cheapest and one of the most stable mail servers, while it lacks in some privacy aspects. Everyone uses their own mail clients, like Mail (osx), Web wrappers, and the web interface in chrome.

Instant Messaging

What: Development: Compass XMPP chat server for group chats. Management/Sales/Marketing: Telegram
Why: The non developer group uses telegram mainly because of their excellent client apps for all platforms and group chat. Both of which has their limitations in our XMPP implementation.


What: Our own Compass voip PBX and mobile phone subscriptions (non mobile on pbx).
Why: Mobile on PBX requires all employees to port their number to another provider, which not everyone wants. Therefore sometimes people call each other on their cell phone and sometimes on their mobile phone. See this blogpost for the differences:

Desktop sharing & conferencing

What: talky.io, teamviewer and our own conferencing solution.
Why: Every solution has it’s pro’s and con’s. talky.io which uses webrtc is not always stable for everyone. That’s why we often fall back on teamviewer, which has the downfall that you have to install a small app. Teamviewer is very bad in echo cancellation and therefore we use our own conferencing box, as well as when we need to discuss short things, audio only.

Tasks & Roadmap

What: Trello.com
Why: We tried different shared online tasks management apps, such as Asana.com and others. While many apps were very good, not everyone was able to get used to the user interface of some. Trello served the biggest group of our team.

CRM & Dashboards

What: Trello + Google contacts and geckoboard.com
Why: We don’t have dedicated CRM apps anymore because we tend to have relative low volume, high qualitative conversations. Therefore it is enough to use mentioned tools. For our sales progress we use geckoboard.com

Helpdesk & Ticketing

What: Zendesk.com
Why: Zendesk does ticketing very well and has extensive possibilities to integrate with other apps. We plan to integrate it with Compass in the future.


What: Exact.nl
Why: Exact is a leader in invoicing and accounting in the Netherlands and integrates very well with Dutch banks.

Access control & Single Sign On

What: Individual non shared, Lastpass and One Login accounts
Why: Everyone manages their own and company passwords in their own vaults, sometimes with and without multi factor authentication.

In a next blogpost, we will explain what tools we use for development