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VoIP phone usage

VoIP phone usage

We are pretty curious how people are using our platform. But we can definitely use it more to our advantage. Recently we took another step in the good direction and made a query in our database regarding phone usage.

The results are as follows

Schermafbeelding 2015-08-11 om 13.42.02Our partner SpeakUp and her resellers mostly advice SNOM, when clients needs new phones. This also explains the high percentage of SNOM phones in the table.

What surprises me is that still a lot of users use DECT phones. It is the second most used phone on our platform.

Although softphones have big limitations regarding the call quality and usability on smartphones, people do use it a lot.

The biggest category growth comes from mobile on pbx. A large percentage of our users adopt this technology and we expect it could be in our top 3 within the coming years.


What do you think we could learn from this?