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Translate asterisk sound files

Translate asterisk sound files

We use several different components to build an entirely new telecommunication platform. For example Kamailio, Opensips, FreePBX, Etc. And overall, also components from Asterisk, including sound files. Here are three reasons why you want to make your own sound files.

  1. Although we didn’t make a simple skin over asterisk, people can still think, that’s the case and devalue our platform.
  2. Another important aspect is that the sound files are not always tailor made to the specific functionality we build into our platform.
  3. And finally a unique qualitative voice. It’s that extra little touch that standard sound files cannot bring.

Select the right voice over agency

These agencies come in all shapes and sizes, but there are only a handful of people that have the right voice. This means that they are working for several agencies at once, creating a really competitive market for the agencies that mediate them. They try to fulfill their orders very efficiently with the goal to compete on price.

A low price in this industry means:

  • Standardized processes and less flexibility

This is a disadvantage, because once you have made your export from your current PBX, a lot of the time a developer has last minute features, were he needs some audio files for. Customized naming is also harder in standardized processes.

  • Usually harder to get a (quick) delivery on holidays

When your standard voice is not available for some weeks and you need a voice instantly, most agencies are charging for an extra voice.

  • Guarantees when voice is not available or changed due to aging

This is a really important one. When you order extra voices, you want them to be at the same tone as your other recordings. If your standard voice is not available anymore, you have to record all your prompts again, which can be a costly experiences. Good agencies have arrangements in place for such situations.

  • Speciality

Most online agencies deliver voices for all kinds of purposes. Some agencies are more specialized in IVR and PBX, thus the know better how to make sound files for those purposes.

Here is a quick comparison table of some agencies