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Review Apple osx vs Google Chromebook

Review Apple osx vs Google Chromebook

Last week my macbook pro retina 2015, needed a little repair. Therefor I wasn’t able to use it for 4 days. I needed to work further so I decided to do that with a Chromebook, also because i’m a very big fan of cloud apps. Here are my findings.


  • Many webapps feel much slower than their native ones (for example spotify web, telegram). This is because web apps do not have direct access to hardware (Via javascript and the browser)
  • Finder window in google drive is much slower than a native finder window in OSX/windows
  • I had a very cheap HP chromebook with 2GB RAM and a 1,1GHZ Celeron. With more than 10 tabs, spotify and a bluetooth speaker connected, the computer was slow, and lot’s of the time chrome crashed.

Specific applications

  • Harder to edit short (screen) video’s. (Even if you are not a designer, making video’s is very usefull as a content marketeer, and as an entrepreneur to promote yourself/business)
  • No stable softphone/skype apps available yet
  • No Apple ecosystems integration (Photo’s, iCloud, notes, etc.). Required to have an android phone for tight integration.
  • I needed Adobe PDF software for filling in fields in a PDF. That isn’t available for chrome OS.
  • I wasn’t able to connect my Fujitsu Scansnap scanner to Chrome OS.

Chrome OS

  • Harder to work offline, it isn’t chromebook’s first priority. This is a major issue when working abroad or when travelling.
  • No keyboard shortcuts for apps. (I cannot add a task via a keyboard shortcut, cannot skip a song on a music player)
  • No Spaces to organize windows and extensive trackpad gestures. (This is usefull if you want to organize communication apps in one space, saving time looking for app windows)


  • No, Absolutely NO maintenance, backup&recovery schemes, manually updating apps, security setup, or storage problems.
  • No performance degradation. Fast boot time and in 5 minutes recovery if stolen or broken (simply login).
  • Simplicity. Not having to think about how to set up, install and run apps. Not having to think off organizing spaces, files, etc. Easy management for companies.
  • Low pricing. When comparing similar hardware (Chromebook Pixel 2 $1000 and an Apple Macbook pro $2200), a chromebook feels cheap when the pro’s outway the cons.

Final thoughts

For minimalist people, the pro’s outway the cons by far! For the maximalist, tech savvy project managers, tech consultants that need to test apps, and people focussing on efficiency and performance they feel the higher price of a premium apple windows notebook is worth it.

Other interesting sources

A nice background article about Google supporting apple above ChromeOS: http://bgr.com/2013/11/28/mac-chromebook-google-employees/

Other article about the Google Chromebook Pixel, one of the best chromebooks that can match a macbook: http://www.trustedreviews.com/opinions/google-chromebook-pixel-2015-vs-apple-macbook-2015-which-should-you-buy