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Nobody cares about your stability claims

Nobody cares about your stability claims

There’s a saying that goes beyond private relationships, but also in selling our and your services / products:

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We are really proud of the up time we already have for many years. But in the past conversations with leads we used it as argument, it didn’t made an impact, until we were in our 3rd or 4th meeting and our engineer explained it with some technical flowcharts.

And in that lies also a great opportunity for us and other companies. Every salesman is always saying it, until the shit hits the fan, and nobody believes the words anymore.

Instead just show what your uptime is the recent years and prove how you accomplish it and what you did to overcome some downtime.

Showing transparency and proving your culture is far stronger than pages of SLA’s and promising words. But it could also be scary. People can misinterpret information, that can be more harmful than the potential positive sides from it. That’s the reason we are still finding out the best way how we can present our uptime. Here is an overview of how other tech giants display information:


In this documentation we show how we think about uptime (TIA 942 standard).

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