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MWC 2017: Hyperniches are king

MWC 2017: Hyperniches are king

How we attended and our goal

Mobile World Congress Barcelona is one of the biggest conferences regarding the mobile industry in the world. All industry leaders as well promising small companies and startups are attending. IPerity attended via one of our partner stands: The Hague Security Delta. This organization encompasses all security related companies in The Hague. The Hague Security Delta was part of abigger group of other stands all on one square: The Holland pavilion.
With the IPerity ecosystem in mind our main goal was to find new partners to integrate our product with. We can be short about it: if you want to have a lot of meetings and find interesting partners in a short time, prepare and just go. There is not much to talk about that. It’s just highly efficient and

Three things you already know, but hardly do

As a group of highly motivated (successful) nerds, we realize that we have a lot to learn about marketing our product and making it more appealing. To be successful a lot of ingredients are needed including passion, product quality, timing, etc. But most of all a tempting proposition for the right target audience. In short terms: Marketing. This was our second important goal, to be inspired by other companies. What we saw were three interesting things:

1. Technical products are (mostly) described in technical terms

We saw that many companies who build a technical product, were not trying to oversimplify their product to explain it for non technical roles, for example CEOs or CFOs. They rather focus their message on the people who are actually going to use their product (developers) or make technical decisions (CTO). When they attempt to convince non-technical people they do so with use cases from their existing customers.

2. Most of the B2B companies are highly specialized

Most of the B2B companies we found were highly focused on serving just one or two aspects of a complete solution. For example, to build a telecom network tower, you need: towers, cabling, connectors, tranceivers, computers between the network and the tower (RAN) and several other components (testing devices, testing software, management software, etc.). Non of these components are delivered by one supplier! For even the smallest components there are specialized suppliers. What all of these suppliers are very well capable of, is making it easy to use their components with all of the surrounding components. The only companies who were combining different specialties are: 1. The very big companies such as Huawei or Nokia and 2. B2B Hardware manufacturers: for example testing/analysis equipment.

3. Not choosing = losing

There is obviously no ideal choice. If you choose to specialize you can only make margin on one thing and that one thing should be adding a lot of value (high quality). If that specialized product is becoming obsolete in some kind of way, your business is screwed. If you choose to be a generalist you have to make all components yourself (high cost) or combine existing components (no control). Also a non specialized product often means a lot of high marketing costs.

We are choosing to be the securely hosted, reliable and API driven PBX, so you can make well engineered build apps on top of it. Want to learn more about how our services can help you? Contact us, read more about our products or explore our API.