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Highlighted feature: Nested dialplans

Highlighted feature: Nested dialplans

Once in a while we want to show a feature that can be very useful in some situations. This time this is the nested dialplan. A nested dialplan is a call forward to an internal number (extension) which has it’s own dialplan.

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In this way it is possible to store dialplan logic, without having to build and maintain it in each separate other dialplan which saves time.


Imagine your company want to automate holiday reachability without having to switch to the appropriate prompt manually and without altering the dialplan for all the employees separately. Other examples: Opening hours, On-hold, Number recognition.


Step 1: Create a new internal number in the management web interface with an easy description.

Step 2: Create a shared call forward in the management web interface. Forward it to the internal number you just created. For easy recognition, give it the same description as the internal number. Ring time can be at 0. CLI Transparant, tick the checkbox.

Step 3: Open the internal number and create the dialplan you wish to nest in other dialplans. Conditional routing is not possible, when a call in this dialplan ends, it goes to the next element in the dialplan it was nested in. After finishing, save the dialplan.

Step 4: Go to the dialplan in which you want to nest the other dialplan and add the corresponding call forward to do that.