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Function vs. Form

Function vs. Form

Enterprise software used to be about results, function, not form. Consumer software is about form, it has to look good and give you a good feeling, less about the function.

In today’s app based world things are changed. Nowadays we are spending as much time (or more) in private apps than in corporate apps. This raised the bar for many enterprise software apps. The effectiveness of the function is now for a great part dependending on the form: people just don’t want to work with enterprise apps that aren’t designed by the latest UX/UI standards.

They just don’t have the patience to learn all functionality through a difficult front end.
If this is the case for a tool that could save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, but people still use their own tool because of the bad UI/UX, you really don’t achieve your (financial) goals.

This goes hand in hand with the trend that much more functionality becomes separately available as apps: In one suite, it doesn’t get the maximum UI/UX impact as it gets when build separately. The need for functionality is still there but comes in different apps. To be efficient those apps have to work together. That is the reason zapier.com is so popular these days.

This is also our vision: ‘We believe integration and freedom of choice in ICT will help to make work easier.’

That is why we are focusing on a PBX with a small feature set and a large API. People need little choice and simple systems in a world that’s becoming more complicated every day.