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Compass Zapier integration

Compass Zapier integration

Compass integrates with over 400 webapps, using zapier

IPerity Compass is now integrated with Zapier. Zapier makes it possible to integrate a wide variety of (business) web applications. It is similar as IFTTT (if this then that), with the difference that the last app is more focused towards consumer and social apps.

How does it work?

Zapier and IFTTT are working with triggers and actions. This means zapier is polling (checking) every 15 or 5 minutes whether there is a change in one system. When this is the case, it sets an action for the other systems. Some apps can also trigger direct (without the interval) when there is a change. Changes in other systems are NOT reflecting back to the original system (synchronisation).

How we support zapier

For now Compass is only available as action, not as trigger. And only to change the virtual switch setting and logging in or out of a queue. In a later phase we plan to support more actions and also implement triggers.

Zapier & Compass example use cases

  • Team reachability based on Google calendar
  • Employee busy status based on Google calendar or location by email
  • Change holiday prompt based on Google calendar
  • Set prompt when website/service is offline based on Pingdom
  • Set reachability for a certain period of time when someone pays a one time fee.
  • Set message when amount of tickets reaches a certain amount.
  • When a gotowebinar meeting is starting, give people the option to forward to the conference number.

Zapier Demo configuration

Things to take into account

Google calendar doesn’t support a trigger when an event has ended. This makes it not easy to change the switch or queue login after an calendar event has ended. To solve this you need to trigger zapier by a new calendar event at the end of the previous one. To do this you can make a zap that is creating a new event, by using google calendar as trigger and action. Be sure to use the trigger event end time as data fields in the calendar action (as start and end time). And also use a filter to prevent a loop for continuously making new events.

Difference with Voys integration

Voys, a dutch voip provider which built their own voip platform also integrated with zapier. In the table below we described the differences. In the Voys integration you can instantly trigger zapier and directly send the data to an action app of your choice. This is something we are also going to integrate in Compass. With Voys it is not possible to use their systems as an action and change their dialplan by a Zapier trigger.

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