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Communication habits of Generation Z

Communication habits of Generation Z

We are seeing more and more unlimited calling minutes with mobile contracts. Once VoLTE is going to be fully emerged, the only thing that really counts is data. Voice, Internet, apps, the trend is DATA only.

When calling minutes are almost beginning to hit the bottom, why would you take your good old desk phone to make a call? Certainly not for the lower costs.

The younger generation (I am 27), say for example 18-25 are wondering why that clunky piece of plastic stands besides there (also old fashioned) desktop monitor.  They have to type over telephone numbers (what?) while they already have to look into their smartphone to check the number anyway. It’s much more easy to tap on that number.

I don’t believe that they care anymore about work/life balance. The two words just don’t exists for them, it’s all one. Therefore they also don’t see the advantage of having two numbers (a fixed (work) number and a mobile (private) number). In extend of that, managing their availability (like manually adjust forwarding/presence) is not high on their priority list. The only thing they sometime use is the do not disturb button.

Combine those trends with the fact that messaging / texting is taking over more and more daily communication (think of slack and this CNN article from a few years ago) and I think VoIP is going to focus on generic non personal communication (such as outbound sales teams, brokers, and helpdesks (services/medical/government) )

Tailor made, personal and fast service is where organisations can make a difference. That is the reason that all information in every form (text/social/email/voice) should be converged into one channel. In this way all information is present to really help people solving their problems.

This is why IPerity invests so much into the API. The fact that Twillio got another big round (100 million) confirms that our mission, making easy integrations with other platforms/apps by using open standards, is still holding ground!

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