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5 Global VoIP trends for 2015

5 Global VoIP trends for 2015

5 Global VoIP trends for 2015

What will be the leading communication technologies that will be used in 2015?
We asked that question to ourselves and found out that there were a lot of different views.

Summarizing, different companies, almost all agree:

  • Analytics
  • Convergence of cloud/communications tools
  • Browser based video/audio conferencing
  • Mobile
  • Enterprise growth/stability


As the marketing landscape is becoming more and more about personalized advertising it is very important to analyze every interaction with your customer. Combine that with cloud communication platforms and their API’s that allow measurements about every call and chat and you get advanced analytics about these communication channels.

Convergence of VoIP, UC and other tools

Telephone, (live & web)chat, (document)collaboration, CRM, file sync: It’s all coming together. These tools are all made for the same goal: getting business done. The more it is integrated, the easier it is to share and work with each other, the easier it is to reach business goals.

Hosted and browser-based video/audio conferencing

More and more people are used to EASY video communication in their private lives: Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. Now they expect to be able to use those easy solutions in the workplace.
Providers are doing away resource-heavy, on site systems as companies and employees no longer accept the high costs and complexity of those systems. Companies still have specific needs over private users. As a result many teleconferencing companies are undergoing a transformation. Webrtc can play a major role in this.

Mobile Devices will become Primary VoIP/UC Handsets

There is a huge mobile only generation, that cannot be ignored. Furthermore BYOD is not about one device but about multiple (mobile) devices.
In combination with the convergence trend, these devices should be integrated seamlessly through techniques such as fixed mobile convergence and apps tailor made for each platform.
Seamless Experience
People are used to high end user experiences in their existing private apps. This is also what they expect from their UC solutions on all their platforms.

Stability and Enterprise growth

As VoIP will become more mature, the enterprise, which had the staff to use complex systems, is also more interested. Therefore the need for industrial stability is huge.



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